Newsmaker of the Year

A truly thought-provoking, well-written article to explain the movement that shook up the 2010 political landscape…

“We are now seeing what happens every few decades in American politics: The rise of a movement filled with people who consider themselves ignored, unheard and, worst of all, unrepresented in the highest and lowest levels of government.

They were the federalists, the anti-federalists, the abolitionists, the populists, the progressives, the suffragettes, the Dixiecrats, the religious right.

And now, perhaps, the tea party movement.”

— Jeff Frantz, The Harrisburg Patriot, 12/26/10

I am certainly no Tea Party advocate, but I am a strong proponent of using the political system to instill change in society and fighting for what you’re passionate about. Whether you’re part of the local 9-12 Project groups Frantz explores or completely opposed to the Tea Party ideals, it’s difficult to argue that the Tea Party was the most-talked about political force in the American political arena…


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