‘Bucks boasts new branding

Today’s coffee news of the day: Starbucks introduces a new logo. (Article courtesy of USA Today) They’re dropping the “Starbucks Coffee” and making their siren the sole focus of their brand.

Photo courtsey of the AP.

Although I wasn’t an instant fan, the company reportedly intended to create a new logo that would work better in a global market. In PR and marketing, sometimes less really can be more, and Starbucks seems to be embracing this idea. Too many colors, too many words — they just clutter up and jumble your original message.

A Look at the Future of Starbucks | Starbucks Coffee Company.

However, Starbucks isn’t the only company to recently unveil a word-less logo. Skittles took a stab at rebranding in 2010 as well:

Image courtesy of 11even.net

In my personal opinion, Skittles doesn’t yet have enough name recognition to drop the name completely from their logo. They’re certainly not Nike or Apple, both of who dropped the name from their logo long ago (Nike officially trademarked their “Swoosh” in 1995). Even AT&T and Target have dropped their names from their logos and embraced simplicity. Starbucks is now following in their footsteps.

Image courtesy of http://www.logoblog.org

Making these marketing decisions can be controversial, but I believe that if a word-less symbol gains recognition, it can consider itself not only a successful logo, but a well-known and respected brand. It is a part of societal culture. Does anyone need the word ‘McDonald’s’ under the Golden Arches? I think not.

So, good luck Starbucks. You’ve been promoting yourself as a company that’s been “going green” for a long time and now you’re “going wordless.” What else is there to say?


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