2.10.11: The day the Verizon Faithful have been waiting for…

We’ve only had to wait for three and a half years, but Verizon customers – worry no more. As Verizon says, “The phone that changed everything is now coming to the nation’s most reliable network.” At last, the iPhone is ours.

Photo courtesy of Google Images

Since the iPhone was released exclusively to AT&T customers in June 2007, the phone has gone through many upgrades, the latest of which features a camera compatible with Skype (a personal favorite function of mine). However, Verizon customers like myself have had to settle for our Blackberry devices, whose claim to fame is Blackberry Messaging (BBM), a weak selling point when put up against the iPhone’s multiple features. I’ve been a long-time Blackberry user and advocate, but I must say I’m ready to say goodbye to my Bold, which is good for reading e-mail and little else.

Steve Jobs and his team have created a must-have brand in Apple, and the iPhone is no different. It’s a phone; it’s an iPod; it’s an e-mail device; it’s a top-speed Internet browser; it’s a camera; it’s a GPS – all in one.

Now, the iPhone is certainly one of the top-selling and most capable smart phones currently on the market, but I’m not here to discredit the Droid, the HTC, myTouch, and the many other top smart phones. What is most amazing is the quality of the capabilities these phones have, and what that enhanced quality is doing to our we-need-information-at-our-fingertips society. The camera phone is not necessarily a new phenomenon; my first standard phone had a camera back in 2005. However, these new phones have still-shot and video cameras, boasting quality as good as, or better, than many of our standard digital cameras. We can create playlists and listen to music just the same as we can on our iPod or other mp3 player. We can browse the internet just as fast as we can on our regular computers. I won’t lie – there are many times I’m sitting right beside a computer and I’ll get on Facebook or Twitter on my phone simply because I can.

The iPhone has defined the app world; you can turn off the lights in your house, pay your bills, identify a song playing on the radio, diagnose illnesses in an instant, and of course play addicting games (Angry Birds, anyone?) all while sitting at a meeting, on a train, or at a red light (just not in Delaware, now that all cell phone usage is banned while your car is on).

And, to end, a little John Stewart commentary on this long-awaited announcement…



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