Is social media a fad?

These videos say definitely not

Here is an updated version of a video I posted a few weeks ago…

I am continually finding new reasons to love social media, particularly the way it has changed and altered traditional communication. It redefines our channels of both interpersonal and mass communication. “Social Media Revolution” shows that 25% of search results for the world’s top 20 brands comes from user-generated content. There is certainly no hypodermic-needle effect happening these days. The best companies and businesses have learned that social media is NOT the place for traditional advertising. It’s not a way to put out a tailored message intended for consumption. Instead, it is a way to share; it is a conversation-starter; it is two-way communication.

Our society no longer wants to accept the perfect “brand” a company has created. We are the brand. We share our thoughts, feelings, and opinions about our world. Branding has become more difficult to create from a corporate standpoint, but it has also become a grassroots creation in the consumer-sense. Much of this change is in thanks to social media and the way the Internet allows us to share information to anyone, anywhere.

Social media breaks physical boundaries, it binds us together in unprecedented ways. It is a global phenomenon that opens communication lines and creates new channels to gain knowledge. It brings people together to fight or promote a common cause.

Welcome to the revolution.


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