These are a few of my favorite things!

A quick list of a few things that I’ve recently fallen in love with…

– I admit I’m still learning a lot about Twitter and the world of 140 characters or less. However, I recently discovered tagdef, which provides a list of popular tags, new tags, trending tags, and even gives users the ability to define tags. Follow them @tagdef

Foursquare. When I went out for lunch the other day, I could view the local restaurants around my current location and see what people had to say about them, all on my Blackberry. It’s GPS meets virtual restaurant critics. Curious? Check out this article about this location-based social network:

– “Culpwrit — guiding the career in public relations” — This PR blog has great posts for any young or aspiring PR professional. One of my favorite recent posts talks about the bright future for PR in the year ahead.

Mashable! I need my daily social media and digital news fix and @mashable is how I get it.

– Google Reader: I can now see recent posts from all of my favorite blogs in one place! It was incredibly easy to set up and an even easier way to never miss an update.

– GMail’s Priority Inbox: It took me awhile to catch on, but now that I have, I can’t live without it! Not only is my e-mail now organized by the label I put on it, but also by “Important and Unread,” “Starred,” and “Everything Else,” which it files and stores for me.

YouVersion: A great way to read on-the-go, with over 100 personalized reading plans! I’m currently attempting the 21 Day Fast.

– This is generally unrelated, but I am in love with variations on traditional oatmeal. This morning I enjoyed instant sugar-free oatmeal with one tbsp. peanut butter and granola sprinkled on top; I was full until 1 p.m. and it was absolutely delicious! And, in honor of my recent obsession, a tribute to oatmeal.


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PR pro and healthy living blogger in the First State
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