Great customer relations makes for a “Dream” vacation

I just returned from a week-long vacation at Dreams Punta Cana Resorts & Spa in the Dominican Republic. However, for all of you unlucky readers out there who didn’t spend the last six days in the sun, I’ll spare you my account of how wonderful the beach was and how warm the water was. Instead, I want to share how this all-inclusive resort embraced PR principles to give guests like me the best experience possible!

As soon as we stepped off of the airport shuttle, we were greeted with cool towels and drinks…and this was only the beginning. Throughout the week, employees not only catered to our every need, but actually proactively tried to make our experience as comfortable as possible. In the pool, on the beach, in the lounge, in a restaurant — no matter where you were, someone was always checking in to see if you wanted a drink. (They were obviously very busy…we’re talking free alcohol here, people.) From the moment we stepped off that shuttle, it was clear that their management placed customer service at the forefront of their guests’ experience.

Across the resort, all of their employees, from housekeeping to servers to hostesses to aerobic instructors, upheld the “Dreams brand.” They all answered any “thank you” (or “gracias!”) with “excellante!” or “It’s my pleasure.” They always referred to us as family, asking “how is my sister today?” or “where is my mom?” They were always professional. They were always high energy. They were always making sure that you were having the best experience possible.

The Entertainment Team exemplified all Dreams had to offer guests. The team, consisting mainly of young men (mid-20s), ALWAYS had energy and was always organizing an activity for guests. They made guests their family at once, constantly telling us “My people, I love you for free!” They danced with us, led water aerobics for us, dressed up in silly costumes for us, and organized beach games for us. They never stopped working! If we were sitting watching a dance, they would grab us and show us how to “move our hips” to their Latin music. If we were laying out on the beach, they would pick us up, put war paint on us, and make us join in the beach tug-of-war. Throughout the week, they not only put customers first, but they truly made us feel like we were part of the Dreams family.

My sister and I with our favorite members of the Entertainment Team!

Customer relations is a key part of any successful business model, from coffee chains to Caribbean getaways. Strong employee relations is the foundation for positive customer relations — if your employees are happy and believe in your brand, chances are they will translate that positivity to customers who will, in turn, also believe in your brand. In the business world, PR pros and CEOs alike must remember that creating a positive customer experience (which may be quite costly at times) will positively effect your ROI and bottom line. Sounds excellante!


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PR pro and healthy living blogger in the First State
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2 Responses to Great customer relations makes for a “Dream” vacation

  1. Jeff Snyder says:

    Some people really have it tough in the Dominican Republic.

    Why wasn’t I invited????!!!!!

  2. Jeff Snyder says:

    Hey, meant to say………great blog, too!

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