Making your #socialmedia pitch

For most of you reading this post, you’re likely already uber-connected to the social media world. You were one of the first to receive an invitation to Google+ (kudos to you if you still use it), you participate in Twitter chats every week, and you use a variety of RSS feeds and tools to help you stay up on the latest national and industry news. You “get” social media. But, what about the millions of small businesses and organizations that don’t?

Yes, it’s true — many of you will even be working with a boss who doesn’t see the value of social media, or at least the value of spending time and money on strategic social media. What then? How do you prove to your boss that social media can directly impact your organization’s ROI when he or she is worried about a lack of control?

The answer: create your own social media pitch. Your social media pitch is like your own elevator pitch and can serve as the perfect way to position yourself as the in-house social media guru. As with any pitch, you must first be prepared. Here are a few points to work into your next pitch:

1. Social media is strategic. Social media isn’t something you just “do” but rather should be viewed as a larger part of your organization’s strategic communication plan. You wouldn’t send out a press release before it was edited or received approval, would you? No, and social media is no different. Posts should be strategic, planned in advance, and receive approval from organizational executives.

2. Social media is manageable. Many still view social media as a scary place where the message and reputation your organization took so long to build can disappear within the Twittersphere. (Case in point: Qwikster) However, by devoting time and effort to your social media strategy, you can easily manage and still control that message. In addition, point out the value of social media management tools like Hootsuite and TweetDeck in helping your social media strategy take off.

Social media IS manageable...Just be careful who's in charge of your Hootsuite account!

3. Social media is measurable. In the business world, it’s all about the bottom line. Demonstrate to your boss how social media can increase your organization’s ROI. Provide numbers, statistics, percentages. Once you know what you are trying to measure, try out different tools and strategies to help you evaluate your social media plan. Here are a few great metrics resources.

Practice Makes Perfect: If you’re a student looking to get more social media experience, prepare a pitch for an on-campus group or local organization and volunteer to take on their social media strategy! It’s a great addition to your portfolio and allows you to develop an increasingly important PR skill set.

What do you believe should be included in a social media pitch? Have you ever made a pitch?


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