Mentos & mobile marketing: be where your customers are

Just a few years ago, marketers tried to reach their consumers where they thought they may be: a billboard on the side of a busy road, a magazine advertisement, a blaring loud commercial. (Marketers have no choice but to give up on that last one after the passage of the CALM Act.) So, what’s a marketer to do?

Go where your customers are, of course! In today’s data-driven world, it’s much easier to know where your customers are and create ads specifically to reach them. (Ever wonder why the Facebook ads that pop up are so relevant to you? It’s certainly no accident.) To truly be with your customers wherever you go, mobile marketing holds the key to reaching your target markets.

Mentos bridges the gap between traditional and digital advertising with their “Spider Swiper” app. Mentos is not new on the scene to mobile and social media marketing, but their newest campaign integrates the premise of their television commercial into a downloadable app. If you haven’t seen the 30-second commercial, take a look.

Mentos knows their target demographic (tech-saavy teens and young adults) and tailored their marketing to it. The app has very little to do with the fruity or minty breath fresheners and simply has their logo across the top. Instead of screaming “Mentos,” it offers users an experience in hopes that they can positively associate that experience of free gaming with the brand.

But, they don’t stop there. The Mentos US Facebook landing page features the Spider Swiper game download, as well as their TV commercial. They offer the experience across multiple channels to market the game– which is virtually unrelated to their product.

Mentos isn’t the only U.S. brand to create games and social media experiences for users to engage with their brands. Pepsi’s Brisk, Coca-Cola’s Fanta, and Ford’s Fusion have all created similar gaming experiences for their consumers. And, good for them.

In 2012, social is the name of the game, literally and figuratively. Brands need to create experiences for their consumers that they’re willing to partake in. In our digital world, time is more important and valued than ever, and consumers are going to be wary of any promotional marketing that takes away from what they’re trying to do. Ads that stream on their Pandora station, videos that pop-up before they can play their next word on Words with Friends, impersonal “promoted” tweets on Twitter – all of these things interrupt the consumer from what they actually want to do (listen, play, tweet). That’s why the secret to marketing in the 21st century is to stop creating the “perfect” billboard design and to start creating positive experiences for consumers.


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