Policy you can pin: How Delaware Governor Markell uses Pinterest

Whether or not you’ve joined in on the Pinterest craze, you’ve surely heard about this hot new social media network that capitalizes on the visual sharing trend, encouraging people to create and follow “boards” they fill with pictures of things that they like. And, unlike Google+ (remember that?), it seems as though this social network is here to stay. (In fact, Pinterest sent more referral traffic than Twitter during February.) Quickly, the online conversation has turned to how businesses and organizations can leverage the network for visibility and profit.

While it’s easy for visually-oriented clothing stores and businesses to start pinning (Nordstrom is making it happen!), finding visual content for other less visual-oriented industries (i.e. politics) poses a bit of a challenge. However, social media-saavy politicians (especially during the height of election season!) are catching on and developing boards of their own. Check out how Governor Markell, head of the state of Delaware, effectively uses Pinterest:

  • Pinning your policy statement: Let’s face it — in today’s information-driven world, no one has the time (or even desire) to read long, drawn out policy statements. So, pin them instead! Gov. Markell, a big proponent of health initiatives across the state, created a “Healthy Delaware!” board, featuring everything from exercise infographics to pictures from a “Go Red for Women” initiative by a Democratic House Representative. This visual commitment to health policy offers visually-appealing, interesting content for constituent to associate with him.
  • Pinning people: Recognizing individuals is always important within social media; it emphasizes the two-way communication aspect of the medium and encourages individuals to share their 15 minutes (or in social media, more like 15 seconds!) of fame with others in their networks, thereby increasing influence. The Governor set up a “Delawareans who Make us Proud” board, recognizing citizens from across the First State who have achieved everything from a NCAA tournament bid (Go Blue Hen Women!) to a successful nonprofit event.
  • Pinning places: This is no family vacation photo album, but using Pinterest to feature various locations within a certain area can be highly effective. Governor Markell’s “Delaware Places We Love” board features locations across the state, essentially acting as a tourism driver for the museum, beaches, theatres, parks, and events it showcases.

Interested in how else politicians can capitalize on the pinning craze? Check out this article from Mark Drapeau on Pinterest and politics.


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PR pro and healthy living blogger in the First State
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1 Response to Policy you can pin: How Delaware Governor Markell uses Pinterest

  1. Lori Stollar says:

    Pretty savvy marketing strategy!

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