If content is king, you better get creative…

If the digital era has taught us one thing, it’s that content is king. But, in a world of information overload, content must be creative, compelling, and engaging to break through and be shared across the social graph. Creating content for the sake of creating content doesn’t cut it anymore. No one cares if you have a Facebook page if the content of your posts are dry and solely self-promotional.

I talked about this a few weeks ago, recognizing a few social individuals who realized how to “break through the noise” of the content generated every second. Today, I came across another great example that’s worth sharing.

In honor of the Phillies opening day, the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (@VisitPhilly) tweeted this out to their 25,000+ followers this morning:

The link took you to this picture, perfectly sized as a Facebook cover photo:

I love this. (And not because I’m a Phillies fan or live near Philadelphia.) Here’s why:

1. They gave their followers useful content. With Phillies opening day and the inevitable change to Facebook Timeline on the minds of so many Philadelphians, Visit Philly gave fans content they could actual use. The photo was perfectly sized, so all you had to do was click to change your cover photo, and bam! Done.

2. They knew their target market. No need to elaborate — this is a great example of knowing your audience and what they’re thinking about.

3. They branded their content. If you ever drive around Philly, you see billboards everywhere with the campaign message, “With love, Philadelphia.” They remained true to their brand in this content and further expanded their brand by creating content that was useful to their target market.

With over  2,000 likes and comments of thanks from fans, Visit Philly has already received positive feedback for their content.

So, I say:

Dear Visit Philly,
Now that’s what I call creative content. Kudos to you.
With love,



About Abby Ecker

PR pro and healthy living blogger in the First State
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