Marketing is what you make of it.

I can’t lie — in this post, I’m going to gush about Google. Their “the web is what you make of it” Google Chrome campaign is currently one of my favorite examples of viral marketing. Maybe you’ve seen this commercial on TV which helped me rekindle my love of all things Google…(The fact that they announced the release of Google Drive this week also contributed to my love affair.)

Or, maybe you’ve seen this video that premiered about a year ago…

Did you smile? Cry? Root for Mark Potter? Consider nominating Daniel Lee for a “Father of the Year” award? (I did.)

Or, maybe you decided to download Google Chrome because you saw something. You saw what value Chrome could add to your life. Maybe you saw yourself in Mark Potter or Daniel Lee. Or, maybe saw how this technology could help you communicate better, build relationships, and store memories. Maybe you saw how Chrome could make your life easier, more efficient, or just all around better.

As a marketer or PR professional, that’s clearly the point. You want your product to offer value to consumers, so you have a responsibility to find out how to convey that value. What story can you tell to connect consumers with your product? What can you offer to make someone’s life easier or their daily routines more efficient — and then communicate that? Your challenge is to tell a story that makes people want to be part of it.

After all, marketing is what you make of it — so make it memorable.


About Abby Ecker

PR pro and healthy living blogger in the First State
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