Avoiding Unemployment: 3 essential steps to the job search

As I mentioned, this is the last post in my “Avoiding Unemployment” series. It’s extra special because not only does it close out my summer series, it’s also written by my first-ever guest blogger! John Muscarello, a fellow young PR pro, recently founded Start Networking Today a blog about Creating Strong Connections in Life, Business, and Social Media. Today, he stopped by here to share some tips on how to start a successful job search.

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3 Essential Steps To Take Before Job Searching

 Before Job Searching Step 1:  Update Your LinkedIn and Twitter Profiles

Before you start contacting potential employers make sure your social media profiles are updated.



  • Follow companies that you would like to work, and put them into a Twitter list (make sure to click private).  You will learn a lot about the company by following them on Twitter, and possibly find job opportunities.
  • Tweet relevant industry articles to show that you know the current trends. Remember that every tweet you send is searchable.  Some of your tweets might even appear in a Google search.

Before Job Searching Step 2:  Setup Google Alerts

Take the list of companies you followed on Twitter and create Google Alerts for them. This will allow you to do two very powerful things.

  • Before applying to the company or going on an interview you will have the latest company news.  This will help you ask smart questions to the interviewer and it shows you did your homework.
  • Companies constantly announce when they win or acquire new business.  If the piece of business is big enough there is a good chance the company will need additional employees.  Find out who the hiring manager at the company is and send them your resume and cover letter.  Tell the hiring manager that you saw the company won new business, and why you would be a good fit to help on the account.

Before Job Searching Step 3:  Reach Out To Your LinkedIn Alumni Group

The alumni of your university are always looking to help new graduates, if you ask the right way.  The important thing to remember is you are not asking for a job.  You are looking for advice and to make a future connection.  This will also help you build a strong network.

  • Go through your LinkedIn Alumni Group and look for people who work in the same field you would like to work.  Send them a message similar to the one below (you can do this since you are both members of the same group).

Dear (Name), 

My name is John Muscarello and I am seeking a job an Entry Level Public Relations opportunity at a dynamic organization where I can grow. I have a great work ethic, a positive attitude, and I am very motivated. 

I see that you hold a position in Public Relations and wanted to know if I could send you my resume and cover letter to get the opinion of a professional in the industry.  I would greatly appreciate any advice you might have about breaking into the industry. 

Thank you for your time.


John Muscarello


Cell Number

Even if you are only able to accomplish one of the strategies above it will put you miles ahead of the other applicants.  If you apply all three of the steps above, the other applicants will never catch you!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the steps.

John (at) startnetworkingtoday.com

John Muscarello is founder of Start Networking Today a blog about Creating Strong Connections in Life, Business, and Social Media. He is a Public Relations Account Coordinator at Lippe Taylor, and coaches individuals on how to network and land a job. He also helps his dad market the family business. To learn more, visit his website at www.startnetworkingtoday.com or connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter


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