Pump up your pins with captions

Sometime last week, I came to a realization: If I had to choose between Facebook and Pinterest, I think I’d take Pinterest. Sorry, Mark Zuckerberg. You can have your likes, but I’ll take my pins.

Anyone else out there feel the same?

But, considering that Pinterest is here to stay, it’s time to change the conversation from “if to use Pinterest” to “how to use Pinterest effectively.” In this arena, food bloggers have a lot to teach us social media managers.

Let’s take a lesson from Chocolate Covered Katie. CCK is one of my favorite food blogs — from her “healthy” dessert recipes to her endless sense of humor. And, it just so happens that CCK kills it on Pinterest. Take a look…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

She prompts readers to click the pin simply from the “teasers” she puts in her captions. I mean really, how can you resist clicking something that 100s of commenters have said may be the best secretly-healthy pancakes they’ve ever tried? Or something that may be the most repinned pin on Pinterest?

Besides actually having quality-looking visuals (which are very important!), CCK entices pinners with her irresistible teasers. So, here’s what CCK can teach you about your brand’s Pinterest strategy:

  1. Caption your pins. Never, ever pin something without a caption if you legitimately expect to be repinned.
  2. Be creative. Know your audience & speak to them. Give your brand some personality through utilizing your captions section.
  3. Think like a photo caption editor. If option A is “the world’s best cookie dough” and option B is “healthy cookie dough that may be the most repinned recipe on Pinterest… hundreds have commented that they can’t resist!”…which option would you chose? You’ve got 500 characters — use them, baby!

Got it? Good. Now, go over to CCK, pick a recipe of your choice, make it, and enjoy — it’s sure to be delicious! 🙂


About Abby Ecker

PR pro and healthy living blogger in the First State
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