Related Work

Public Relations Work

Press Releases

Wilmington Riverfront turns pink for inaugural Race for the Pink Ribbon
University of Delaware Chapter Showcases Public Relations Skills for Charity
Autism Delaware Launches Southern Delaware Services Initiative


Special Olympics Delaware, “Reindeer Run
[Ran on Delaware radio stations for one month prior to event]

Government Relations/Political Communication Work

Research on selective exposure
(Contact Abby for full copies.)

Evolution of Political Communication Through The Lens of Selective Exposure Theory (abstract)

Surviving the days of the “Daily Me”: How Online News Choice Mirrors Offline News Choice in the Selective Exposure Debate (abstract)

Advocacy projects

Autism Delaware – Insurance Projected Savings Report
[This is a report Abby created in favor of autism insurance coverage in Delaware.]

Smokeless tobacco: Turn new leaf and tax the substance
[Abby advocated for this editorial in the Harrisburg Patriot, the official newspaper of Pennsylvania’s state capitol,while working with the American Cancer Society.]

Other work

Audio slideshow

First Annual PRSSA Challenge Results in Winning Campaign for ONE
[Planned and executed first-ever PRSSA Challenge, a one-hour strategic planning competition]


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